Ana Santos


"I have in me all the dreams of the world"(Fernando Pessoa, portuguese writer)
I consider myself a dreamer with robust and entrepreneurial roots. Passionate about healthy eating (yes, I love eating well!!), sustainability, outdoor sports, natural therapies, see plants growing, animals, photography, a warm tea in front of the fireplace, family lunches, etc. In short, I thrive on the thought of living by itself and on the idea that what I do for a living is aligned with my life purpose – helping others! I am curious by nature: I love to explore, read scientific articles, listen to podcasts and videos about the latest developments in conventional medicines and natural health. I think sharing knowledge is one of the most powerful tools we have, therefore I dedicate my time and energies learning how to grow Semente, how encourage awareness and how to inspire the ones that reach out to me seeking for guidance. I am a wanderer soul, I do not deny it; the desire of meeting new cultures that inspire and enlighten one's life journey, unsettles me from time to time: from Spain in Erasmus, to Ireland for study, France by bicycle to raise funds for Greenpeace – aimed at scientific research on climate change – and Southwest Asia where for 5 months I had the opportunity to edify a new palate, new ways to understand life's innate fluctuations of fate, a different mindset and learn with eastern religions and philosophies that for everything there is a solution and that not even death means an end.


Got my General Nurse degree in 2008, but have worked manly as an Occupational Health Nurse since. The 4 years in college were revealing in several aspects and made me confront some personal issues – trust, self-esteem and appreciation before others; let's say I was "forced" to explore a new path to get out of a vulnerable situation. If it wasn't for a combination of will, strength, curiosity and support, I believe I would had taken a lot longer to get where I am!

When I started working, and from my personal experience, I felt that healthcare required a holistic approach; so I read, asked, watched everything I could to understand how this approach could be possible. I made official that I would deviate from the conventional healthcare services when I decided to enroll in Massage Therapy (for 12 months), Auriculotherapy and Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Natural Cosmetics, Stress Management, Sustainable Food Production and Professional Training courses.

I started Semente Natural Therapies in partnership in 2013; at the time, Semente was dedicated to alternative therapies (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Massage Therapies, Naturopathy, etc.) with articulation with Psychology, Nutrition and other services in favor of holistic care; there was a really good energy amongst the professionals who worked there! Several educational and collaboration activities took shape during this period; including (and the event I am most proud of) a Health and Wellness Fair - Feira Salutar - that took place on 19 | 20 September 2015, which I plan to re-edited soon.

My passion for healthy eating and nutrition led me to join and complete the Nutrition and Health Coach course in August 2018 at the Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health - with whom I maintain an excellent rapport even today. I designed my first Health Coach website, attended several cooking workshops, Coaching Masterclasses, supplementation and functional food lectures, health events, etc. Ireland was undoubtedly a second home, but 2020 arrived and with it the time to return home; So, here you find me and so I hope you’ll become part of my journey.

Semente is a multidimensional project that brings together Natural Therapies, Nutrition and Health Coaching, the FoodLab kitchen and studio and other things that are currently germinating. The aim of this project is to share the tools for a healthier, more complete and balanced life.

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