Natural Therapies

Semente´s little corner where natural therapies are mentioned: oriental medicine (Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese), holistic paradigm, natural therapies and methods such as aromatherapy, yoga, mindfullness, massage, herbal medicine, etc. Where it is intended to educate for a more holistic care.

Biotypes – what makes us so unique

Biotypes – what makes us so unique

The biotype is the genotype common to a group of individuals, and the genotype in turn is the set of genetic information of a cell, an organism or individual or specific part of that genetic information. In essence, it is a genetic predisposition to certain conditions and observable characteristics (phenotypes). The idea of biotypes has been developed over time in different areas of study.

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Semente is a multidimensional project that brings together Natural Therapies, Nutrition and Health Coaching, the FoodLab kitchen and studio and other things that are currently germinating. The aim of this project is to share the tools for a healthier, more complete and balanced life.

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