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Mobility is integrated, connected and on demand. It was never so easy to travel hundreds of miles within a few hours as in nowadays; commuting can be done either by car, plane, boat, bus, train, bicycle, foot…you choose! But it is that choice that makes our lifestyle greener or not; our arbitrary preference to commute has a huge impact in the Planet, and in our future.
Now, we do know that we need to skip this dependency in fossil fuels…also there is a growing niche in eco transportation alternatives, specially designed for cities and other big populated areas: electric/hybrid vehicles (who hasn´t heard the word TESLA?!), car pooling, car share apps (such Uber or Lyft) and the westernized (some even very posh) cycle rickshaws. But which ones are more eco-efficient and thus sustainable in the long term?

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The 3 heavy ones…
Flying – planes are like massive birds that instead of seeds, animals or other bio source of fuel, use earth fossils and pollute immensely, getting the a “michellin” star on the biggest man-made pollutant ever! I am not getting deep on this subject and I do travel too by plane, but it drives me mad that at this point there is no alternative to fill their tanks and have a similar autonomy…would it be more expensive? possibly…would people travel less by plane? probably…would the environment benefit?…YES! What´s wrong in this?!…i can´t see any.

Driving – I read the ” A Good Life – The Guide to Ethical Living” on facts and figures about how damaging to society our reliance in cars can be, and it is astonishing…the numbers i mean, because the verdict is known already…I advise to read more this subject and make your own conclusions either owning a car nowadays makes sense for some of us; in the city, where most population is condensed, a car means more pollution and public health concerns, more time wasted generally in traffic, financially makes us more dependent on money for we need to buy a car, insurance, petrol and so on….and look at he government draconian methods of lessening the pollution associated – as road tolls, high fuel tax, everything to get us to spend a it more…This is a hard one, i know…i drove to work, and a lot! Moving to a city and nearer to work made me rethink my ways of transportation; i do not need car, i have a fine net of public transports and if i need one i will rent for the time needed; and this is optional in most cities. If you live in a village, remotely, i can understand you dependency…hopefully in a very near future you can acquire a more eco and budget friendly vehicle.

Shipping – most of us is not aware how much shipping contributes to global pollution, despite emissions compared with the above means of transportation are less the amount of ships in the oceans raises the numbers to an alarming equation; think how many people with access to Amazon (and others similar), companies that trade across the World and the number of people on cruises every year…watch the video below on shipping impact on the environment and our societies.


What would be the solution for you?  I will leave you to think on this…

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The lighter ones…

And obviously the more healthy and eco-friendly choices.

Legenda: Metro, bicicleta, andar a pé

A sustainable vision

Global transport systems through innovation and the use of eco-designed metros, trams and high-speed and regional trains.

Environmental footprint of many methods of modern transportation and possibly the future of transportation.

I needed to share this last video for 1. i am a bicycle advocate – bicycles are an old method of getting to the places you need to go and so beneficial to the environment that you never have to worry about them negatively impacting the environment with loud noises of harmful carbon monoxide emissions into the atmosphere. 2. It demonstrates in numbers how much do different ways of commuting spend per gallon and it includes us, humas!! with a special relevance for the quality of fuel (aka food) we ingest!


It´s up to you to make the best decision on how you can commute with less impact for the environment; i am aware that for some, for personal and professional reasons, it is not reasonable to cycle to work or use train or other public transport…but minimizing the usage of the most pollutant means of transportation is the key; do you really need to travel by plane for a meeting? videoconference?! do you really need to take the car out of the garage to get the bread? i am sure you can determine other ways to do that 20 min walking distance, and I am talking about those who live in villages or other populations with less commerce available…in the cities?? it doesn´t justifies…does it? Look, i don’t mean to be paternalistic here because i do not know every city´s reality when it comes to accessibility and eco transportation means, all i know is that if you are reading this is because you are trying to create a greener footprint and that you can! So, start by getting a bicycle 😉

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