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Nutrition and Health Coach

We live in a fast-paced era where our inner balance is constantly being challenged. Do you feel it is time to live that HEALTHIER VERSION OF YOU, you´ve imagined already? Let’s work together to find out where you are now (your biotype, beliefs, routines, food choices, etc.), where you want to go (the version you’d like to live) and your potential to get there!
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Toolkit for a Healthier You

About Me

I’m ANA,

Nutrition and Health Coach, Nurse, Holistic Therapist and Trainer. I love what I do! Why? Because I have the opportunity to develop and share with you some of my passions: healthy eating, sustainable & natural living, outdoor sports, photography, etc. I am thrilled to be here and you can count on me to help find the most promising way to expand your potential for transformation – your seed – and reveal your true and healthiest version.



Online / Face-to-face


For whom?

Who wants to live a healthier version but feels that is going to start from scratch; wants to go for a long-term vegan or vegetarian lifestyle and needs support; wants to recover from acne, hair loss, fatigue, weakened defenses, etc. (for non-chronic situations) – and learn natural long-term control methods; or wants to provide a healthier life for the family.


For whom?

Who wants to learn how to better manage day-to-day stress (and how it affects energy, sleep, digestion, mood, etc.); wants to lose or gain weight without resorting to “fad diets” that lack specialized monitoring; wants to relieve signs/symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and/or Food Intolerances and learn to live with them in the long term.


For whom?

Who wants to lose weight and learn how to keep it off, despite several failed attempts to date; wants to stop smoking and create a new lifestyle; wants to learn how to enhance the body’s natural healing power when experiencing fertility and/or frequent hormonal problems; wants to learn how to manage Anxiety and/or Depression through simple lifestyle changes.

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What´s New

Biotypes – what makes us so unique

The biotype is the genotype common to a group of individuals, and the genotype in turn is the set of genetic information of a cell, an organism or individual or specific part of that genetic information. In essence, it is a genetic predisposition to certain conditions and observable characteristics (phenotypes). The idea of biotypes has been developed over time in different areas of study.

Sustainable Foods – for a healthier future

To create a better tomorrow for our future selves and our children, we need to be aware how our food choices are affecting the world around us. If food and water shortages might seem like an abstract scenario to you right now, let me tell you – they’re not. So, if you are concerned about your health – and your family´s – keep reading this post; after this your supermarket run will never be the same (and that’s a good thing, I believe!)

Holistic Medicine: the right paradigm

I still find this is a blurry area when I am discussing medical approaches, and quite honestly, I even get confused at times with the so called “titles” for each medicine model… it is important to know “who is who” – conventional, complementary or functional medicines – and make informed decisions when it comes to manage our health and healthcare. 


I am immensely grateful for everything I learned from Ana, from getting to know my body better, realizing the weaknesses of my health to recognizing bad habits. With Ana’s personalized plan, my health problems improved, as well as my physical and mental well-being.

Susana Reis, Designer (Portugal)

Susana Reis, Designer (Portugal)

I highly recommend Ana! She has her gentle ways of conveying the information and the message. Your suggestions for changes are adapted to my lifestyle, which made it practical and simple. Ana has a positive personality and spreads positivity around me. She has her ways of tackling a big problem in small steps. If you are looking for a Health Coach, Ana is the person to turn to!!

Fazween Ibrahim, Ocupacional Health Physician (Ireland)

Fazween Ibrahim, Ocupacional Health Physician (Ireland)
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Semente is a multidimensional project that brings together Natural Therapies, Nutrition and Health Coaching, the FoodLab kitchen and studio and other things that are currently germinating. The aim of this project is to share the tools for a healthier, more complete and balanced life.

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