Ways to be have an eco-friendly home

Want to achieve a more eco-conscious life but not sure where to start or whether your efforts will even be significant? Going green can sometimes seem overwhelming, and the easier way is to think that unless you’re going full-zero-waste, there’s no point really bothering. Let me show you that the “zero-waste” scene is not the only way to be more environmentally friendly and have a positive impact on your health and the Planet.

Small steps in big numbers make a huge difference – and like most things, it starts at home.

So aside from recycling and saving water, what else can you do to make your home a little greener?

First of all, it depends on how hold your house is, the materials used for its construction and the appliances available; that being said, if your planning your house at this stage and want to make that good investment, think of: buy appliances labelled “A-rated”


Less usage of Energy

LED lightbulbs where possible as they save up to 80% on lighting costs and last for years; use sensor lighting outdoors to cut back on energy wasted; in the kitchen, think ahead and cook things in combination for more than a meal, resist the temptation to open the hoven door, if boiling water, put a lid to avoid heat waste and possibly you won´t need an extractor if you are cooking close to an open window; Laundy should be done below 40º, line dry clothes; Fridge should be regularly cleaned and defrosted, temperature between 3-5ºC; Dishwashers should be full before its use and you may open it before it enters the drying setting (air drying saves energy and if it winter, helps to heat the house); small gaps in your windows are responsible for up to 20% of a home´s heat loss, consider investing in double glazing; Lofts and walls should be well insulated (sheep’s wool or paper can be used); Don´t overheat your home as it should not need to be heated over 19ºC, place aluminium foils behind radiators to help reflect heat inwards and make sure your boiler is serviced at least every 2 years.


Take a look to this animated video by the European Commission; a funny way to understand that everyone can be a part of the solution:
EN video Energy, Let´s Save It!

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting are used such as harnessing the natural light (sunlight) and used it to give light to the house in the daytime and in the Spring and Summer it helps to heat the interior and maintain some pleasant warmth through the night time.


WasteWater Recycling

water waste is a real problem as we know. systems as the one presented in this video recycles the rainwater which can be used for watering the plants and cleaning:

EN video Eco-Friendly Wastewater Treatment System,

Use of alternative power such as solar, wind energy or biomass; despite de continuous developments on the 3 sources and the still disputed areas where wind turbines should be placed, respecting the fauna and species, these are the future sources of energy since we cannot depend forever on fossils ( query others that may discovered along the way to be sustainable and safe).

Check the following companies website for more detailed info: Imagination Solar, Solar Trade Association, Shorepower, Windsave, Clear Skies (for grants), Energy Saving Trust, Many others, these are just a few that i know about.


For more info on your home SAP (Standad Methodology Procedure) see your government rating method to rate your home´s energy efficiency.

For other ideas on sustainable and eco-friendly choices whether you are cleaning, decorating or furnishing your house, check my pins on Pinterest here.

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