Where your Happiness is…

I wrote this 3 years ago, for  Jardim do Mundo, and I wouldn´t change it a bit today… despite the translation 😊

If you have goals for a year, plant rice. If you have goals for 10 years, plant a tree. If you have goals for 100 years, then educate a child. If you have goals for 1000 years, then preserve the environment.

– Confucius

It serves as a motto for the manifesto of April 25th, the day when Freedom is celebrated in Portugal: if your goal is happiness, free yourself from the isms – egocentrism and perfectionism so driven by a fast-pace and archetypal society. Even philosopher and thinker Bertrand Russell confirms: “to be happy is to eliminate egocentrism”.

We always in time to free ourselves from these unhelpful thoughts and create a way of living more balanced with our essence, out true selves. Put into practice detachment and free yourself from the assumed idea that we are only happy by our appearance, material possessions or social status.


Take things lightly when it comes to personal relationships and take your smile everywhere. Just go, don’t think too much!!

Get out of your comfort zone: innovate, contribute, cooperate, make a difference, give voice to those who have difficulty making themselves heard; make your own experience and wisdom vectors of transformation, so that in the next generations our culture is embedded in principles of respectable development and sustainability.

Take time to look after your well-being; make choices on the basis of what makes sense to you. Try to root that pleasant feeling and it will chase you for a lifetime, without even the need to be on the look out for it.

Let your food be your medicine and your garden to be your pharmacy; eat less but better – fresher, locally harvested, in harmony with the environment and with your body.


Aim for your happiness, set a plan, put it into practice and share!

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